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Upgrade your 1st Gen. Alpine Style system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto


Upgrade Media-Box for 1st Generation Alpine Style system: enables Apple CarPlay and Android Auto


If you purchased a 1st generation Alpine Style system (X901D-xxx / X701D-xxx) and want to enjoy the benefits of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in your vehicle, we got a solution for you.

Instead of replacing the whole system, Alpine offers to only exchange the media box to get all new features of the 3rd generation Alpine Style systems.

Next to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, you get TomTom maps for 48 countries with 3 years are-of-charge updates, as well as a Glonass & GPS compatible navigation antenna. The 3rd generation features a much faster navigation CPU and larger system memory for smooth system operation. You can now also zoom in and out of the navigation map using finger pinch gestures.


Big-Screen Entertainment


8” Touch Screen Navigation with TomTom maps, compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto


The X803D-U Advanced Navi Station brings the latest media compatibility, cutting-edge navigation technology and Alpine’s audiophile sound quality to your ride. It is fully compatible with the latest smartphones such as the iPhone 7 and the Galaxy S7 and lets you use Android Auto and Apple CarPlay on its 8-inch high-resolution touch screen.

DAB+ digital radio, USB video playback, HDMI connectivity and the latest Bluetooth technology are built-in as well.

You even have 3 options for navigation: the X803D-U features the iGo Primo NextGen navigation system with TomTom maps and 3 years free-of-charge map update. It also includes online navigation capability to use Maps with Apple CarPlay and Google navigation with Android Auto. Both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto apps can access the Alpine navigation antenna for highest positioning accuracy.