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The Alpine Halo9 for Trucks and large Motorhomes


1DIN Chassis – 9-inch Touch Screen, built-in Navigation for trucks and large motorhomes, DAB+, HDMI and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto combatibility


The highly popular Alpine Halo9 is now also available with built-in navigation and pre-installed trucking software as well as motorhome profiles. After you setup your truck or motorhome in the system, only navigation routes suitable for your vehicle will be proposed by your Alpine.

The new "Alpine Halo9 Navi" features iGo Primo NextGen navigation with TomTom maps for 46 countries and 3 years free-of-charge map update. You can also use navigation apps (such as Google maps, Waze, etc) with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The super-slim display appears to simply hover over your dashboard and even includes a white LED ambient light on the bottom.

Next to cutting edge navigation, you get DAB+ digital radio, USB video playback, Bluetooth hands-free and audio streaming and much more with this amazing product.

Bring the future of car-media to your ride with the Alpine Halo9 Navi.

This Model is also without pre-installed Caravan, Camper and Truck software available - please refer to our model INE-F904D.